Saturday, November 26, 2011

"Problem Solving Strategies & Other Skills" Wed-Aug 24th

This lunch class will cover two topics in which entrepreneurs excel:
1. Solving start up problems where one must act in an environment of unknown information and fuzzy parameters.
2. Exceptional listening and questioning skills which lead to superior problem solving.
12 Noon - Wed, Aug 24th McCormick & Schmicks. $30, lunch & program. Matthew Waymire, entrepreneurial advisor.

The two major topics:
The first topic: Solving known problems with a high degree of information and well-defined parameters versus solving unknown problems with a high degree of unknown information and fuzzy parameters. The first set of problems solving skills are good in an established business but can be death for a startup. The second problem-solving set of skills are where entrepreneurs excel. Making decisions under time pressure with incomplete information.

The second topic: Listening and questioning skills of successful entrepreneurs. Successful entrepreneurs are very skilled at listening and questioning their end-users. It is not enough to walk a mile in the moccasins of your end-user you must walk a mile in the skin of the end-user and then translate those learnings into marketable and profitable endeavors.

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