Saturday, October 13, 2007

Chancellor Jim Rogers Pushes for Applied Medical Programs and State of the Art Research

Chancellor Jim Rogers gave his 2007 State of the System Address in which he said that the Nevada Health Sciences System will develop quality medical care and state of the art research. The eight institutions have 150 related health programs which the system is expanding to create more nurses, doctors, and health care professionals. The institutions are forming partnerships with doctors, hospitals and researchers to raise the quality of health care in Nevada. Rogers said that Nevada is ranked 45th for doctors, 49th for nurses and 39th in state health status.

Rogers also believes that the university need to develop business partnerships which will help drive the economic engine of Nevada. Rogers believes that a key part of Nevada’s economic future requires 1) research and technology transfer and 2)workforce development and training. Rogers is committed to increasing the number of kids that finish high school and complete a college education which is an area that Nevada can improve.

Rogers would like to see more businesses and individuals invest in education. He believes that a great university system cannot be built alone by legislators; 75% of the funding must come from the private sector. Although he believes it is crucial in 2009 that the legislature increases its funding of higher education.

Health Sciences are definitely a priority for Chancellor Rogers.

1. Nevada’s State of Education October 2007. Copy of speeches by Chancellor Jim Rogers, Superintendent Walt Rulffess, et al. October 10, 2007.

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