Saturday, October 20, 2007

NevBio-Mission, Vision & Goals

The Nevada Biotechnology and Bioscience Consortium (NevBio) is an organization of institutes, companies, and academia in Nevada engaged in the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceutical research and production, medical devices, and health science research.

The mission of the NevBio is to foster and support biotechnology and life science-related businesses in Nevada and to promote and elevate the presence of life science research in Nevada.


1) To create forums for non-profit and for-profit entities that allow business networking and the opportunity to exchange ideas that will move Nevada forward in the field of biotechnology and life sciences research.

2) To support life science businesseses in all aspects of moving a potential product from the laboratory, through the approval process, to the marketplace.

3) To provide a centralized data resource for all health science-related research entities and companies in Nevada.

4) To work with universities to enhance the knowledge transfer to the community to create new companies and new partnership opportunities for Nevada companies.

5) To promote the study and understanding of science for all Nevadans, with an emphasis on elementary, middle, and high school students

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