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NevBio to Honor Reid & UNLV College of Sciences at Awards Luncheon- Harry Reid

The Nevada Biotechnology & Bioscience Consortium’s (NevBio) annual Nevada Biotechnology Awards Luncheon will be honoring Senator Harry Reid for his contributions to the advancement of biotechnology and bioscience in Nevada. The award will be presented at the NevBio and Regenerative Medicine Organization joint luncheon on Monday, February 18th, 2008 at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas. The UNLV College of Sciences is the honoree for the organization award. See for registration information.

Senator Reid “has secured more than one hundred million dollars for the Nevada Universities and Colleges for curriculum development, research activities, technology advances, outreach and cultural programs.”

During the 109th Congress he played an instrumental role in the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act, and in the 110th congress he continues his efforts to see this enacted. Senator Reid believes that this “will open new doors in the scientific world and generate hope for thousands of Nevadans and millions of Americans suffering from debilitating diseases.”

Throughout his career Senator Reid has supported increased funding for life-saving medical research in a belief that “we need to continue to invest in medical research that will lead to immeasurable contributions in the fight against a number of serious illnesses, including cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.” Senator Reid believes that “at a time when we are on the verge of major new breakthroughs and the burden of chronic disease continues to grow, we should not shortchange a priority as important as promising medical research.” Senator Reid has made it clear that he is “committed to making the investments necessary to accelerate the pace of current progress and to spur on new discoveries.”

And to that end, he has worked hard to garner federal support for initiatives to further expand Nevada’s biotechnology sector.” He had secured $300,000 for the Biotechnology Center at UNLV to develop new biotechnology initiatives that will add to the diversity of Nevada’s economy with high-paying, science based careers.”

He has “supported legislation to provide tax breaks for businesses that train workers here in American and provide scholarships for technical training. Such initiatives will not only strengthen the American workforce but also cement America’s global leadership in high technology.”

Senator Reid has secured millions of dollars in federal funding for the Nevada Cancer Institute in Las Vegas. This leading edge cancer center is designed to provide Nevadans close access to certain clinical trials that would otherwise be unavailable in the state. Senator Reid and the Nevada Delegation introduced legislation that provided federal land for an additional facility for the Nevada Cancer Institute “to ensure that all Nevadans have access to the latest in cancer prevention, education, detection, and treatment options.”

In 2007 he introduced two bills that helped to improve the health care for Nevadans. The Resident Physician Shortage Reduction Act of 2007 will enable Nevada to be eligible for an additional 93 physicians in training positions. The Breast Cancer and Environmental Research Act of 2007 which will fund critical research to study the links between the environment and breast cancer.

The UNLV School of Public Health’s Environmental and Occupational Health Lab, “was able to fund the construction of the new lab with help from a $500,000 federal appropriation secured by Senator Reid." Senator Reid stated that “Universities stand at the forefront of confronting illnesses and fostering our knowledge of public health.”

Senators Reid and Harkin secured funding of $900,000 in fiscal year '06 and $900,000 in fiscal year ’07 so the Center for Disease Control may begin pilot programs that will aid in the development of a National ALS registry.

For these and other countless contributions throughout his career the NevBio Organization is pleased and proud to announce the first ever recipient of The Harry Reid Award for Biotechnology and Bioscience Achievements to its namesake - Senator Harry Reid.

Nevada Biotechnology and Bioscience Consortium’s annual Nevada Biotechnology Awards Luncheon will be Monday, February 18th at the Wynn Hotel. Check-in/Networking is at 11:30, 12 PM lunch. The tickets are $75 for general seating and $125 for VIP seats. RSVPs must be received by February 14th. Pay online at or call Judith Rebholz at 839-7222 or email her at Tables and sponsorships are available.

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