Friday, January 4, 2008

Viktoriya Montano to Give Presentation on Epigenetics at Las Vegas Future Salon

Viktoriya Montano, Board Member of the Nevada Biotechnology & Bioscience Consortium is giving a talk on "Epigenetics" to the Las Vegas Future Salon on Friday, January 11, 2008 at 6:30 at UNLV’s Continuing Education –Paradise Campus, Room 100.

DNA Is Not Destiny: The new science of epigenetics rewrites the rules of disease, heredity, and identity.

Epigenetics is the study of reversible heritable changes in gene expression that are not actually encoded in the DNA of the genome. These effects are mediated by the covalent attachment of chemical groups to DNA and its associated proteins, histones and chromatin. A major current focus in epigenetic research has been the significant role of DNA methylation and multiple histone modifications in biological processes and their effect on gene expression.

Ms. Montano earned her Master Degree in Architecture from the State University of Kiev, Ukraine in 1996. She speaks five languages Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, English, French and some Greek. In 1996 she started her business career as an Architect for the city of Kiev government.

In 1998, because of her knowledge in foreign languages, she joined Phage Biotech in Kiev to assist in the technology transfer to the biological manufacturing processes to Phage Biotechnology in USA.

Ms Montano has continued as an Adviser to the Phage Biotechnology Corporation in their development of biological drugs, such as Human Growth Hormone, Interferon Alpha, Interferon Beta, Fiberblast Growth Factor, and more.

Ms. Montano has been an advisor to biotechnology investments of over $100 Million dollars.

From her in-depth exposure to biological research, she has developed an avant-garde understanding of the new Era of Epigenetics. Many leading experts in biotechnology area consult her on the dynamic area of biological mechanisms and potential medicines possibilities due to Epigenetics.

In 2004 she joined Regenerative Medicine Organization and 2007 to Nevada Biotechnology and Bioscience Consortium as Member of the Board. She is 35 years old, married and has two kids

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