Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cord Blood America - Saving the Lives of the those Closest to You - May 17, 2013

Join us CEO of Cord Blood America,
Joseph Vicente & Dr. Geoffrey O'Neill
Date:  Friday, May 17th
11:30 am check-in, 12 noon lunch/talk
Place: McCormick & Schmicks
Cost: $30 here. (Students & Researchers are free)

Joseph R. Vicente, has been the Chairman and President at Cord Blood America Inc. since May 15, 2012. Mr. Vicente had served as the Chief Operating Officer/VP and as the VP of Corporate Strategy at Cord Blood America Inc. He had earlier co-founded The Empower Network, Inc. He served as the President and Chief Operating Officer of The Empower Network, Inc. Joe has been a Director of Cord Blood America Inc. since June 2004. He earned an MBA from the University of Tampa.

Dr. Geoffrey O'Neill, who will also be speaking, has 25 years experience in the stem cell industry, has published 78 papers on the sector. He was the recipient of the prestigious Jean Julliard Price for Research from the International Society of Blood Transfusion and the International Society of Hematology.

 Cord Blood America preserves cord blood at the birth of a child for potential use in future stem cell therapy. The umbilical cord contains a rich store of stem cells.

Cryogenically preserved umbilical cord stem cells have already been used to treat 75 major diseases: leukemia, severe anemia, metabolic blood disorders,  immune deficiencies and seventy other diseases.

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