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Tech Transfer in the University System - Rich Helfrich, December 11, 2012

Rich Helfrich
Richard Helfrich, CEO of Alameda Advisors "Converting Innovations to Sustainable Businesses"
*Tuesday, December 11th
*11:30 check-in,12 pm lunch/talk *MCormick & Schmicks
*$30 RSVP here. UNLV Researchers & students - no cost.

Richard W. Helfrich is the President of Alameda Advisors. His team has helped commercialize innovations from universities, government labs and corporations, converting complex technology and life science ideas into businesses.
 Richard is an entrepreneur. He has started a number of companies. One of his startups is on NASDAQ.  He sits on a number of boards in advanced materials, alternative energy, semiconductors, medical, and communications hardware.
He has an AB degree in Physics, an MS in Electrical Engineering and a premed education covering chemistry & biochemistry.
Richard Helfrich supports improving economic growth and the quality of life through technology and a technology- savvy workforce. Richard supports programs for expanded K-12 science education, reduced regulatory and governance burdens for small business, and programs to encourage more spinouts/startups from federally funded and corporate research.

Alameda Advisors Inc. converts innovations to sustainable businesses:
* Maximizing results from intellectual property
* Converting innovations to companies via spinouts
 * Providing Silicon Valley connections
* Arranging efficient and effective Cleantech Solutions

The company "Converts innovations to Profits".

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