Monday, May 27, 2013

NevBio Commercialization Briefing -New Opportunities for Southern Nevada - February 22, 2013

Join us and take part as we reshape Southern Nevada with new opportunities.

Friday, February 22nd
McCormick & Schmicks
11:30 am reg, 12 pm lunch & briefs
RSVP Free here ($30 normal charge)

Marty Schiller, PhD, UNLV; Treating HIV/Aids and other diseases with Genomic Surgery (New base of biotechnology, hundreds of job, $ billion market). SciReader - an app that can be used by every STEM student in the world. Huge potential.

Francis Tsang, PhD, National Labs, Medical Isotopes (The US imports all of its medical isotopes. $1 billion industry in the US, thousands of job in Nevada.) E-beam for cancer tumors can be used in every cancer center in the world.

Ernest Abel-Santos, PhD, UNLV; Treatment to prevent for C-Diff infections. Needed in every hospital, clinic and nursing home - $ billion market.

Opportunities like this, raise all of the boats. This is an important step toward new, home-grown industry in Southern Nevada.

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